THE LAST MAN ON THE WORLD Logline: This is a film about running, survival and surveillance Brief synopsis: Few humans left on the world. Maybe only one. After great collapse of trans humanism society, humans become obsolete. Only artificial intelligence left to control everything. Autonomous drones searching for leftovers of humanity… Feature film / Super 35 mm Color / 70 min / 4K Prores / DCP Screenplay and Directed by Igor Bošnjak Cast and Costume Vladimir Tomić Editing and Cinematography Igor Bošnjak Visual identity Nada Arnaut B-roll & Drone Assistant Miloš Stanojčić Sound Design by Glihaton Music by Antonio Vivaldi, Bruno E. Produced by Igor Bošnjak & Atom Production Friends of the project: Atom Production Trebinje Life Fitness Trebinje Pogon Brewery Brčko Cultural Centre Trebinje Academy of Fine Arts Trebinje