Nature intelligence / c - print / 2006 Multi-layered structure of “Natural intelligence” is in several problems it deals  with and puts forward as well as the possibilities for interpretation that it  offers. While researching how people react and visually communicate with this  “picture” I came to the following conclusions and possibilities for  interpretation: the complexity of the gaze and the psychology of the child who  has all mental characteristics of a grown, mature woman, and yet it is a child  playing carelessly, puts forward the issue of complexity and overlapping of  psychologies within person-child, as well as antagonisms within the human  nature; the facial expression and the physiognomy / the anatomy of the face  that holds within several different images of human races, the movement of the  hand suggesting a certain subtlety and gentleness of the entire composition,  that is the caught moment according to Cartie Bresson le momente decisif,  suggests the problem of coincidence as a special quality and essence of  photography; the context of the name of the photo and the colour left on the  face and body of the girl contradict Spielberg’s film “Artificial intelligence”  which, on the other hand, deals with the problem of survival of mankind  through robots and artificial intelligence, that over time, take on the form of  human, natural intelligence.