A house / graffito / 2010 / a homage to Vlado Martek House , 1997  “Write its name on each thing you purchase or own.” «The basic thought about existence of discource structure in which we live and which define us. If a word of a discourse or writng possesses an affect, the  kind we see in a hysteria or in revolutions, then one should add to it a new meaning that exceeds the demands of utilitarian comunication. The performative  possesses its effect. Performative account is the account by which a speaker expresses a certain action (of his own), and this action is completed with, and  caused by its expression. If we utilize Morris language theory, we can notice that performative accounts include, aside from syntax and semantics, at least a  segment of pragmatic ordinance. »  *Martek / Fatalne figure umjetnika, Miško Šuvaković, Meandar, Zagreb 2002, str.75.