If I Hadn't Done It… / video / color / hdv / 13:03 min / 2014  In the video work If I Hadn't Done It…,  conceived in the context of a large  commemoration marking the anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War, Igor  Bošnjak problematizes the position of a historical figure, the perpetrator of the  assassination of Franz Ferdinand, Gavrilo Princip, through a subjective,  psychoanalytical approach. With his camera, he records his movements through the  streets of Sarajevo, in the first person, reconstructing events and the scene of the  assassination itself, bringing dramatization to it with his comments and timecode, with  time relentlessly running out. The artist's action is performed at the central place of the  great commemoration - Sarajevo, a city of violent and traumatic social, political and  ideological past, in which each new evaluation of historical positions is problematic  and very painful.