How socialistic architecture shaped & influenced my personality? Schools & faculties where I was educated from 1988 till 2011...
How socialistic architecture shaped & influenced my personality? Places & buildings where I used to live. From 1984 till nowadays...
1984 - 1989 / Dobrinja / Aerodromsko naselje / Sarajevo
1990 - 1993 / Čengić Vila / Sarajevo
1994 - 2004 / Bregovi / Trebinje
2005 - 2010 / Police / Trebinje
2014 - present / Police / Trebinje
1988 - 1989 / Primary school “Simon Bolivar” / Dobrinja / Sarajevo
1989 - 1990 / Primary school “Nikola Tesla” / Dobrinja / Sarajevo
1991 - 1993 / Primary school “Živko Jošilo” / Otoka / Sarajevo
1993 - 1995 / Primary school “Jova Jovanović Zmaj” / Bregovi / Trebinje
1995 - 1999 / Secondary school “Technical & Enginering school” / Trebinje
2000 - 2005 / Culture centre Trebinje ex Faculty Academy of Fine Arts Trebinje / Trebinje
2007 - 2011 / University of Arts Belgrade / Belgrade
“I think that the buildings always sound. They can sound unemotional too.”  Peter Zumthor Our identities are no longer fixed to a specific place or time. As we have become  increasingly transient, what we call home today is more than likely a different location  from our home ten, or maybe even five years ago. As a result, who we are is no longer  tied to where we live, who we know, or even what we’ve experienced, but is instead an  amalgam of all our own experiences combined with the experiences of others shared  through various media & contexts. As our identities are becoming more complex and  our relationships with each other are more interconnected, what impact does this have  on the relationship between architecture and experience, or surrounding architecture  and the our personal fragile mind/body? How Yugoslavian socialistic architecture  shaped & influenced my personality (mind & body)? Ongoing project which try to map  and signed mental & memory points from past to future as one particular mind archive.  mixed media: photos / sounds / smells / thoughts / sights / 2013
The effect that the architectural environment and the places were we live has  on our thinking and on our personality was the starting point for Igor Bošnjak for his  ongoing photographic series. The straightforward title – How socialist architecture  shaped & influenced my personality? – contains what is the shared experience of the  postsocialist countries, precisely that the total change of the system does not mean  necessarily the change of the architectural environment. This way, the buildings  become imprints of the past, and they show unerasable formal aspects of a certain  era’s mentality and view on society. On Bošnjak’s photographs, which are installed  like a timeline, we see the places, buildings where he lived and studied, creating a  continuation between different periods. Despite their objective manner the collection  is a personal summary, and it’s deepest layers could only unfold for the artist  himself.                                                                                                         Flora Gado, Budapest