BHS / video / found footage / color / loop / no sound / 2010 This video presents and criticizes the absolute pointlessness in language differences  between the three dominant constitutive nations in BiH (as well as in a wider context  of ex Yugoslavia, without Slovenia and Macedonia), and it also raises the issue of how  far this paradox goes in terms of taste and decency – the paradox of the alleged  language differences of the above mentioned constitutive nations. In the example of  mute-deaf or the language for the deaf and the mute, this absurdity reaches its climax  and its absolute sense. The reason for doing this piece of work was caused by recent  higher emphasis on the ''difference'' between BiH languages occurring more often in  the media, as well as the following text which deals with examining potential language  differences in the region where Serbo-Croatian or Croato-Serbian was once spoken.    Igor Bošnjak ''...How far we can go in monstrous national politics of dividing a language 'hair' into  four parts is ardently shown in an almost unbelievable case that we could have already  heard about in the TV show Most (Radio Free Europe, July 2nd 2007). A university  professor from Banja Luka Miodrag Zivanovic said: ''This is what happened in the TV  news for the deaf by the end of last year: A girl is reading the news and in the bottom  of the screen another girl is interpreting using sign language for the deaf; it was a TV  show from Sarajevo, the viewers asked if she was interpreting in Bosnian, Croatian or  Serbian language? What is even worse, is the fact that a cantonal board or a  commission, I do not know the exact title, made a decision to employ three sign  language interpreters for the deaf.”(…)” (1)    Milivoje Jeftić (1) ''Letters and words in combat uniforms'' - Language demarcation lines, ZENICKE  SVESKE, A magazine for social phenomenology and cultural dialogues, Bosnian  National Theatre Zenica, 2007.