EUtopia film / film / hdv + dcp / color / 20:13 min / 2015  In his film EUtopia Igor Bošnjak deals among other things with the relation of the  society to its available tools and skills, highlighting the boundaries of its ability to transform  its surroundings. This could be definition of technology gleaned from the economy and  material reality. Author is obviously critical to it in the video. We could ask ourselves if this  permanent technological specialization based on unity of material and immaterial and  created by investment of mental and physical effort in order to produce value, didn't bring us  to this “desperate” impasse? Certainly not but for the fact values that we base on our relation  to the global society today, in the year 2016, appear to be at least unsavory. This is visible  from the start of the video. We see the map of the Europe, painted by Bosnjak himself (map  – oil on canvas), that is still recognizable although of simplified geographical elements.  Stripped down painting becomes real through intense, sensuous, livedthrough experience for  the spectator and the artist. Through it they embark for the world of daily banality,  primitivism and other -isms while Europe becomes a metaphor for utopia turned dystopian.  It is as if in front of us on some endless stage “reality” movie is just being made. All three  temporal states (segmented in three parts of the video - past, present and future) have melted  into one and paradoxically our inability to directly access “regular” reality is uncovered  since neither the author or spectator are not answered is it possible and how to continue  living in the “fenced” Europe or away from it.  Zorana Djaković Minniti