Aesthetics of Politics exhibition at University Library, Belgrade, SR, 2011
Hotel Balkan / film /  color / hdv / 10:25min / 2013     
It is not the literal past that rules us, it is image of the past.  /  George Steiner  Hotel Balkan is meditative and ambiental video which defines borders between  futuristic memory of past and present thinking of future. I’ve been wondering about  something: Why is it that images from the past - the actual past - often feel more  futuristic than our current images of an imagined future?  But if the future doesn’t look  much like the future, the past often does. There are pictures from the past that, while  you immediately recognize them as being from the past, nevertheless feel futuristic.  It’s as though there’s something in your brain that wants to read them as images from  the future. produced in Tito’ s D-0 ARK UNDERGROUND Bunker in Konjic, BA