Messiah / mix media / from 2004 to 2007 Messiah is interdisciplinary visual project, and it deals on paradigmatic history-  religious discourse, which problematize mimetic ability in the frame of contemporary  new media. Messiah is multimedia project that contains collections of works from  2006 to 2008. Main goal of this works is to re problematize percepcion of religious  „images“ - mental states in frame of contemporary art.  Messiah Hebrew “the Anointed One” who will bring the kingdom of our Lord onto the  Earth, the saviour, the king.Using this piece of work (a series of photographs, video  and multimedia projects) I am exploring the possibilities of photography and new  media as an art form. Can photography or new media art have the same strength as the  painting of Renaissance in its expression and depiction of a certain spiritual condition?  How to depict the Messiah in the 21st century, in the light of everyday slaughters,  massacres, wars and violence? What is the sense of that depiction at all? How to depict  the Messiah in the 21st century in the light of a general moral crisis and a crisis of all  other values? Since photography and digital manipulation is in a way “the painting of  the 21st century” does it make any sense to take a photograph of the Messiah?  Speaking from an ethical point of view, can we and should we even take a photograph  of the Messiah? Will photography of the future be given the same religious  significance as the icons and frescoes of the Renaissance have today? Does that make  sense? Painting is equal  oil on canvas. Photograph equal painting. Transposing oil on  canvas via painting to photograph and its journey back. Since we are constantly  “besieged” by impacts of fashion industry, advertising, identity crises, various types of  slavery of the 21st century, stylists, metrosexuals, and exposed to other forms of  industrial, information and media torture – we subconsciously take in bits of them in  shape of small photo-fragments or visual fractions. Will the Messiah of the 21st  century be depicted with all those elements pertaining to the period of time in which he  was “painted” i. e. created or photographed??? Does the Messiah of the 21st century  have in himself the complexity and multi-layered nature of his own spirit and of the  Zeitgeist in which he is generated?