Dictionary / object / performance / video / loop / 2011  The rationale behind the deconstruction of the dictionary, or rather its complete  ‘erasure’ or crossing out, i.e. stamping out its meanings and entries, lies in the  possibility to reduce the very same object or item (book, dictionary) to the significance  level of zero. This work is based on the writings of Joseph Kosuth and some  theoretical essays by Roland Barthes (‘The Death of the Author’). The goal of the  project is not simply to negate linguistic and semiotic phenomena, but also to exploit  its performative quality in order to point to an issue people are faced with today, which  is mass manipulation of information and dallying with relevant ‘truths’ and accurate  ‘statistics’ within the global rhizomatic society. The Dictionary, seen as, speaking  statistically, a 96-hour-long performance during which all of its 1420 pages were  crossed out, which is 800,000 words and 50,000 rare and little-known terms (with 20  pens used up in the process), proves in an absurd kind of way and demonstrates the  ease of analogous textual misuse, raising the issue of the danger and scope of possible  manipulation and abuse of digital textual information today.