Big Hug / video / hdv / color / loop / no sound / 2011 In a banal sort of way, the work shows several kinds of hugs, which are used to  examine the cultural mechanisms that allow hugging to be a sociological phenomenon  nowadays. It is rather pathetic that the Free Hug campaign, a global phenomenon, has  spread worldwide, like a real epidemic. The whole thing began when Juan Mann  landed on the Sidney airport, with no one to greet him. He then took a piece of  cardboard and a marker and wrote on it that he gave hugs for free. At first, people just  looked at him in wonder, but then a woman approached him, gave him a hug and told  him her daughter had been killed one year before and she knew exactly how he felt.  That was the beginning of the Free Hug campaign. There are similar campaigns in our  region as well.